Heya People!

A Very Happy Father’s Day To All! πŸŽ‰

So what’s up? How you doing? How you all are celebrating this Father’s Day?

Well I hope you all are fully enjoying this day with your dad. Because I’m enjoying it to the fullest with my dad. And I’m very excited to tell you all about how I’ve celebrated Father’s Day with my dad. I’ve written a new short poem which is for my dad and it is dedicated to all dads out there.

Here it goes…


From an elvish boy to a matured man,
You’ve lived it like a rollercoaster ride.
Protector of the family,
THE KING OF HOME- a title you wear with pride.
You’ve been a keeper,
Since the first day you held me in your hands.
When everyone denied my wish,
You’re the only one who understands.
You’ve always been the coolest,
You’ve always been the funniest.
Just because of you,
I live my life to the fullest.
In time of difficulties and troubles,
You were there through thick and thin.
You’re just like a coconut.
Hard from outside but sweetness locked within.
You gave me my dreams,
So I could live without stressing.
Inspite of being unsung, unpraised and unnoticed,
Yet you’re the most valuable blessing.
To meet my demands,
You sacrificed your needs for me.
Fighting alone against all the challenges,
Like a one man army.
You never let me stand alone,
You always stood behind.
You are most potent moral force,
A masterpiece of nature is what you define.
You are neither an anchor nor a sail,
But a guiding light who shows the way.
Saved me like a savior during the tide and gale,
You’re my SUPERDAD not just today but everyday.

Hope you all like it. Do share how you celebrated this father’s Day or what have you done for your father in the comments. Once again Happy Father’s Day to everyone and to all the SUPERDADS out there.❀

Peace. ✌🏻

To The LGBTQs With Loveβ€πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ

Heya Readers! Happy Pride!🌈

As June is finally here. Which means? PRIDE MONTH!!! TIME FOR CELEBRATIONS!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

So this year I’m celebrating this pride month by dedicating a short poem which I’ve written for all the lovely LGBTQs and to their pure love.

Here it goes…

To The LGBTQs With Loveβ€πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ

People may hate you,
People may abuse you.
Because you have the courage,
To stand out of the queue.
You stood up for your rights.
You lifted yourself at higher heights.
When the world became dark,
You shine like the brightest light.
Yes you’re different.
You don’t live by societies standards.
And that’s what makes you the bravest of all,
Because you silenced the stupid slanders.
Your sexuality is your choice.
You gave people a different voice.
No one have the right to force you,
To like the girls or the boys.
Don’t be embarrassed,
Your identity is your possessing.
We will never be ashamed of you,
Cause you are the pride and you are the blessing.
You are just being yourself,
and it isn’t a crime.
Just believe in yourself
From day till dine.
Gender is important,
believed everybody.
You taught the world,
Love neither see the face nor the body.
Hatts off to you,
That you came out of your closet.
In a world of mentality dearth,
LGBTQ is a rainbow deposit.

Hope you all love it. Happy Pride again! Feel free to share in the comments how you celebrated this pride. I would be really happy to know about it.

Spread Love. ❀ Peace. ✌


Heya Readers!

I hope you all doing well and are safe.

As we all know that last week on 25 May, the death of 46-year-old African American George Floyd choking under the knee of a white police officer in Minneapolis. Floyd was pinned down for eight minutes and 46 seconds. β€œI can’t breathe,” he said several times and called out for his mother before falling silent. This incident has shaken the whole world. Everyone from different corners of globe is protesting for the justice in their own way. And #blacklivesmatter is now became a moment.

But what I personally believe is that, why the protest is only for the black lives? In this world, each and every life of a creature matters. Whether it’s about a human or an innocent animal, everyone deserves justice, equality and most important right to live.

Therefore I’m expressing my grief and concern over all the deaths due to discrimination. I’ve written a short poem which is dedicated to them and it is in support of all lives matters.

Here it goes…


This is the world,
Where all lives matter.
We all are equal,
In the world’s platter.
Whether you are a man or a woman,
Or you belong from LGBTQ.
All human and animal,
completes the planet of Green and blue.
When fat is too fat,
And slim is too slim.
Accept each human body,
Embrace them within.
If short is very short,
and tall is very tall.
Even if you are physically disabled,
Still the world is for all.
If you are white, or brown,
Or black in colour.
Everyone is unique,
But we all bleed the same colour.
Enough happened discrimination.
All lives matter – a simple equation.
Prior to physical appearance,
Worsened the world’s situation.
From the day our creation,
Our inner beauty is our identification.
Let’s fight for the rights,
Everyone deserves to be respected equal.
Now is the time,
to bring an upheaval.
Let’s end the injustice,
And make the world better.
Let’s highly raise our voice,
Because, All Lives Matter!

Hope you all like this and in support or all lives matter.

Peace. ✌🏻

Grow And Bloom

Heya Readers!

Hope you all are doing great and are safe.

So I’m here again with another small experience that had happened to me today and I’m so excited to share it with you all.

What happened is, when I was roaming in my terrace at today morning, I was looking at my surroundings and was enjoying the charm of nature and all of a sudden my old memories striked inside my head that how I used to escape my life by letting myself getting lost in the nature’s magic and remembering those I got to know that how badly I want to go outside my home and visit different different nature’s view location and just get drown in nature’s wonders but because of pandemic I can’t even think of going outside my home. Then I thought why not just imagine that I’m sitting on a grass bed and the airy breeze is soothing me and simply enjoying the view of nature and thinking of such I ended up writing a poem about how nature motivate us in every prospects of life.

The poem goes like this…


Take in all the rays of light.
When the sun seems shining bright.
Bloom despites the stubborn weeds.
Plant your faith in numerous seeds.
Clutch the raindrops to sooth you up.
Hold your world in a grassy cup.
Grow tall underneath the sky of blue.
Everything you need is inside of you.
Have the strength and nourish your mind.
Let your true inner colours to shine.
Keep your head high, stay with your roots.
Have the patience and wait for the fruits.
Keep learning, rising and go to far.
Just grow and bloom where you are.

I hope you enjoyed it and understood what I want to convey through this poem. And I hope you like it as well.

Just a small advice for guys, don’t fully fall for this modern world. Stick with your roots and bloom from where you are.




Heya Readers!

I hope you all are doing great and are safe.

Today, I want to tell you all about my super amazing experience which has made today the bestest day of my life. I’m still in shock right now that it has been actually happened. And I’m feeling truly blessed.

So the story is, since childhood I’m one of that kid who has this strict parents who won’t allow their children to have a pet. And me being single child and a hella dog lover had to go through a lot of struggles to convince my parents to get me a puppy who will be best friend, who will be there for me no matter what, who will be loyal to me, and who will love me the most before even himself. So past years were very tough for me and specially those days which were spent all day crying cause I ended up watching others playing and loving with their adorable dogs and I was miserably failing at convincing my parents to have one again and again and but in those difficult times I don’t know what but there was something that didn’t let me to lose faith and hope. Deep inside I always knew that one day will come when I’ll have my own dog and with this hope I used to tell myself that one day I’ll buy a huge house just for me and my dogs.

Fun fact about me: You all will laugh about this fact but I already made a huge list of names for my future dogs.

So time past and my love for dogs increased and I became a kind of person who stops and say “Hi!” whenever I see a dog by the road. And not a single day have gone without watching videos of dogs. And people who knows me used to send me dogs videos. Yeah I was this crazy about dogs and I still am crazy about them. They were my world. I love them even more than food.

From surviving those difficult days to today’s moment when I cried while I was holding him for the first time, feeling his heartbeat and was super excited to take him home, it was an arduous journey and worth the wait. Yep I’m talking about TODAY (18β€’5β€’2020) the day finally came for which I was waiting since I was a kid. I finally got MY OWN PET, MY OWN PUPPY. And I’m so glad and thankful to my parents who finally got convinced and brought this angel (Benny😍) in my life.

You guys have no clue how happy I am right now because I’m sitting right next to him and my tears are still constantly falling during writing all of this. I’m truly blessed and thankful to god who made my dream come true. And the name which I had given my angel is BENNY which means BLESSED. And I’ve chosen this name as a thankyou to God because no doubt he made today “THE BESTEST DAY OF MY LIFE”. I LOVE YOU BENNY AND WELCOME TO MY LIFE. ❀

Benny is a pug and he is 45 days old. Here are some pictures of himπŸ‘‡πŸ»

Just want to give a small advice to you guys that, no matter what happens in your life please, don’t lose faith and hope and always believe in your dreams and specially believe in yourself because things takes time but they definitely happens.

Faith and hope have their own magic, for those who waits.


I hope I’m able to put a smile on your face by sharing this super amazing experience of my life. Hope you all like it.



Heya Readers!

First of all a very Happy Mother’s Day to everyone and I hope you all are absolutely safe and staying in home.

So on this exceptional day, I’ve written a poem as a small tribute to my mum and to all the gorgeous mothers out there.

Here it goes…


The journey from a girl to a women, she lives it all like a twirl.
She is a nacre, she kept us in her womb like a pearl.

So many roles she plays in our life, but she never complains.
She is the cure to our every problems and to our every pains.

Sound of her soothing voice, that poets find beguiling.
She brings colours to our lives, just by smiling.

She is the sunray, which guides us in the dark.
A wrong done to thee thing, makes her eyes spark.

When no one is there, she becomes our shoulder.
She keeps protecting us from everything, just like a soldier.

Just to see us happy, she always sacrifices her dreams.
Those dazzling eyes of her, defines the psalms of moonlit streams.

In every time of need, always Mumma we call.
The kindness which she has, makes her the greatest of all.

She is indescribable, there isn’t any meaning to infer.
She is that divine soul, even lord bow before her.

No one can be like her, no one can found another.
She is the most precious gem, she is our gorgeous mother.

Hope you all like it. Do share in the comments how you celebrated this day or what you have done for your mother. Have great day ahead and Happy Mother’s Day again. πŸ’•

The Best Is Yet To Come

My Artwork

Heya Readers!

As we all know, we all are in a serious situation. The world is suffering from a pendamic called CORONAVIRUS in which all the legal authoritues have declared “Self-Quarantine” in their respective unions. This quarantine has made a huge impact on people and so on me. People have became way more creative than before.

So many people have discovered plenty of their hidden talents like sketching, painting, cooking, singing, gaming etc so on. So do I have discovered many secretive talents of mine, and this artwork is one of them.

I’m a self taught artist and basically I used to do my artworks with only black colours materials because I wasn’t good with blending or shading with different colours, but this time I have done an experiment on myself and for the first time I tried to create something with colours and ended up creating this beautiful picture using variety of colour pencil and sketchpens.

And through this, I’ve learn that:

By trying and experimenting you can create wonders.πŸ’«

– Me

Your mind is like a mysterious ocean, the deeper you will swim for yourself the more you will explore it’s surprises.✨

– Me

By this small experiment I’m truly mesmerized by the result and I’ve decided to continue trying and experimenting on myself and will keep creating and showing you my weird passion.

Great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful.πŸ˜‡

– Roy T. Bennett

Hope you all will like my work and will support me too, because the journey is just started and the best is yet to come.

Stay Safe. Stay Home. 🏑

And and and, I’ll love to hear about what hidden talent you discovered during this quarantine. So please feel free to share your thoughts.


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